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Transform your vehicle's defense with Ceramic Pro PPF. Say goodbye to scratches, chips, and wear, ensuring a lasting, flawless finish, and welcome to the Anti Rock Chip Club.

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Why us Ceramic Pro Houston?

What makes our services better?

Our owners, Chris and Brian, have been in the automotive industry since 2016 and have been obsessed with protecting, modding, and customizing vehicles since getting behind the wheel of their first cars. As innovators and thought leaders in the automotive aesthetics and vehicle customization industry. They regularly support and work with industry experts like SEMA, Ceramic Pro, Chemical Guys, and other top-tier manufacturers within the automotive landscape.

Why we do what we do at the Ceramic Pro Houston: our owners and staff are, first and foremost, automotive enthusiasts. That passion for vehicles translates to a caring and knowledgeable team to help retain the condition and value of your car throughout many years of joyful ownership.

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What our clients say about us

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Absolutely satisfied with my Tesla Model 3's full-front PPF service! Flawless protection for my car's paint, worth every penny.

Phil  w.
Pearland, TX
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Unmatched customer service! PPF with ceramic coating transformed my Porsche Macan. The team exceeding all my expectations.

Sophie M.
The Woodlands, TX
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Thrilled with my Audi S5 Sportback's full-body Matte PPF! Superior protection, sleek finish, a must-have for any car enthusiast.

Mike W.
Houston, TX
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Paint correction & polish revived my Land Rover Defender, surpassing all expectations! Flawless finish, highly recommended!

Maggie L.
League City, TX
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Unrivaled transformation! PPF, ceramic coating, exhaust, and blackout package on my Escalade elevated its style and protection to new heights.

Shawn T.
Pearland, TX